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Welcome and warmest wishes!
On behalf of Allied Academies, it is my great pleasure to welcome all of the participants and guests to the 10th World Congress on Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry Chemistry 2020.
Chemistry 2020 will be the 10th in the series of successful cosponsored scientific conferences of our Societies. Founded in 1994, AAC conferences have been held every year through out the world.
The theme of Chemistry 2020 is Role of Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry in the Global Challenges to come. As with all past congresses, Chemistry 2020 fosters collaborations among chemical scientists to improve the quality of life throughout the world. Our outstanding technical program truly represents collaborations among scientists from at least three different countries. The result of such collaborations can only bring improvements in technical development and a better quality of life for all people.
Chemistry 2020 is two days of oral and poster sessions, keynotes, social events, and workshops in the beautiful city of Rome, Italy from February 28-29, 2020.
All of the members and staff on the Chemistry 2020 Organizing Committee will spend many hours preparing for this Congress to make it the best possible. We are excited about the outcome and hope that you will find this Congress fruitful, enjoyable and worthwhile.
We look forward to seeing you in Rome.
Chemistry 2020 | Committee Members